Opening a new Integrative Medicine facility has been a goal and dream of Kim Evans’s for many years. So, the grand opening needed to be special. The date 10/10/10 was picked because it would coincide with many wonderful events occurring that year and specifically on that day.

First the year 2010 was the “International Year of the Nurse” chosen because this was the centennial year of the death of the founder of modern nursing – Florence Nightingale (1820 – 1910). Pam McDonald, Kim’s friend and colleague, and the author of “The Perfect Gene Diet” chose 10/10/10 to launch her new book. She asked all nurses, as well as those who support holistic medicine to join together, in each of their respective time zones, at 10:10:10 AM, light a candle and then set a powerful intention geared towards integrative medicine and holistic nursing.

This, Kim decided, would be the perfect time for the “Sneak Preview” for our new location. The following pictures show the ceremony at our new office where many joined together to celebrate, Pam McDonald’s ceremony in Maui, as well as pictures that others sent us from places that range from South Korea to Hawaii. Enjoy!