Dorothy Henning

Dorthy HenningDorothy Henning, a Louisville native, is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais™ Practitioner who has been practicing the Feldenkrais™ Method of Somatic Education in Strasbourg, France since 2004. Dorothy completed the four-year Feldenkrais Practitioner Professional Training Program in San Francisco and Switzerland and also has a French National diploma in Sports Education from Strasbourg, France. While in France, she worked with high level national athletes as well as collaborated with the Ludica Center for Stroke victims in Strasbourg working to aid in their functional recovery.Neuroplasticity is the potential for the brain to change and heal at all ages. The implications this has on learning, especially after injury and illness, are potentially without limit. Dorothy’s passion for neuroplasticity, combined with her experience with athletic training and healing from her own injury, inspires her Feldenkrais work.

In her practice, Dorothy has helped people with back pain, injury recovery, chronic pain, sports injury, adults and teens with scoliosis, children with behavioral issues, adults and children with anxiety, people with RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and arthritis, pelvic floor and continence issues, and those with neurological problems such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and post stroke. Feldenkrais is also used for improving athletic performance and for those who just want to feel better and explore their full potential.

The Feldenkrais Method™ of Somatic Education develops our ability to become aware of our movement and ourselves. Through this awareness we learn how to move more easily and to change habits of behavior and self-image. The method is taught in two forms, in group classes known as Awareness Through Movement™ and in individual hands-on sessions known as Functional Integration™ sessions.

The Feldenkrais Method, is this for me?
Does your back hurt, or do you have chronic pain? Or would you like to enhance recovery from an injury even though it seems you’ve reached your limit of improvement? Are you an athlete or dancer who would like to expand your potential? Or would you just like to have better posture, less pain, and breathe and move more easily, feeling embodied, calm, focused and self-aware? Then give this method a try, you may be surprised by the results!

We all know that habits can sometimes get in the way of us changing and improving. But how do we change habits without being very hard on ourselves? This is where The Feldenkrais Method comes in as it is based on the premise of neuroplasticity, the potential for the brain to change and heal at any age. The implications this has on learning, especially after injury and illness, are potentially without limit. Imagine standing up straighter, having less pain, moving more easily… but all without really trying, without forcing something on yourself! The learning comes from tending to yourself, being kind to yourself, so your nervous system is free to explore new possibilities!

Functional Integration Sessions

Functional IntegrationYou are most often lying on a comfortable cushioned table. Using my hands, I guide you through gentle movements with a soft yet clear touch. Without insistence, my hands suggest, then sense each response to determine how we continue. Often at the root of difficulties is a feeling of fragmentation, a sensation of oneself being separated into parts. Habits often emerge to protect an earlier injury, and then they remain as we shut off and immunize the affected area, often losing our joyful body sense and reacting only to pain. After these lessons you often feel that chronic pain has melted away, and that you stand more upright, breathe more easily, and experience your skeletal support in gravity in a balanced, harmonious and pleasurable way. Your joints may feel fluid, as you feel connected moving easily. Due to this somatic approach, it may be surprising how you immediately embrace this new configuration as your own. These rediscovered choices help you to re-learn optimal self-use and to integrate function, offering you the freedom to be able to act in your own interest and well-being.

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) Classes

Awareness Through MovementAwareness Through Movement consists of verbally led easy-to-do movement sequences, usually organized around a particular function. By exploring through these gentle exercises you will sharpen your 'body sense' and reawaken the pleasure and ease of moving! After class, some things participants have said are… that they feel free in their joints, more stable and balanced, that they stand taller, are more calm and focused, and that chronic pain seems to have melted away. One participant said “I have a herniated disc, but since I have been taking Dorothy’s Awareness Through Movement classes, I have no lower back pain at all! And I can sit cross legged tailor fashion for the first time since my knee replacement 7 years ago!”

"Your classes are a very important part of raising my consciousness! When you talk about being aware of how my body would move naturally if I had not been compensating for some ache or injury for a long, long time, I feel I am going to a level that would apply to every part of my life. It's like the 4th question in the work of my favorite spiritual teacher, Byron Katie"

"What would my life be like if I didn't have this thought/perception/belief/idea/memory/concept/restriction?" Your guidance is a kind of hypnosis in which the ease and grace with which you lead us to move extends itself to every area of one's life, including really deep stillness and the attention it takes to "be in the moment/movement." I find that this "meditation" time with you refreshes my body and my Soul.
Thank you gifted teacher,
Jan B