How Your APO E Genotype Affects Your Health

The APO E gene can provide good health if the body is given the correct foods and other gene-supportive environment (GSE) factors for the specific type.  On the other hand, the APO E gene can impair good health if the body is given the wrong foods and other gene-unsupportive environmental (GUE) situations.

The APO E gene is the KEY to making the right match.  Here's where knowing your APO E genotype can help determine the environment that will best support you in developing and maintaining a safe, optimal level of cholesterol in your system.
Let's clarify what we mean by environment.  Everything that surrounds you or goes into your body or mind is an element in your environment and subsequently impacts your health.  This means your thoughts become as much a part of you as the food you eat.  So while your food intake is an important element in your environment, you are much more than just the food you eat.

Your environment, so defined, largely determines your health.  More specifically, it consists of:
what you eat
  *  the way you move and exercise your body
  *  the quality of your mental and emotional experiences (including how you deal with stress and emotional energy)
  *  the strength and quality of your intention for what you want
  *  what you think others want from you
  *  the physical environment that surrounds you - is it pleasing or stressful?
  *  your spiritual beliefs

With today's affordable technology for analyzing people's genotype, we can easily learn a person's APO E genetic recipe.  While we have a lot to learn about what each of the thousands of genes we have in every cell actually does, we can make excellent use of the ones that we do understand - like the APO E gene - to make recommendations for the ideal gene-supportive environment for any individual.


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