Kimberly Ann May, Founder
Life and Wellness Coach
Licensed HeartMath® Provider

Are you looking for:
  • reduction in anxiety
  • reduction in exhaustion & improve sleep
  • improvement in home/work balance
  • increased health and vitality
  • ability to focus and better decisions
Kimberly May has over 10 years experience  in the wellness field.She is licensed HealthMath®  Provider and a Certified Wellness Inventory®  Coach and trained in various other healing modalities. She also uses her marketing and business background to coach other Wellness Providers  and is proud to be a partner of Intentional Wellness Team  with Dr. Clifford Kuhn and Kim Evans, ARNP. She's the owner and founder of Inspire Wellness LLC and offered her experience and talents for 6 years at the Foxhollw Clinic and Spa as a Manager and Wellness Coach working with groups and individuals on managing stress, improving health, and living a more fufilled life.

Services Incude:
  • HeartMath® and Wellness Coaching
  • Wellness Inventory Assessment
  • Reiki
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Stop Emotional Eating/Weight Loss

  • Maintaining a Balanced Life
  • Inner Wellness
  • The Heart of Wellness
Inspire Wellness, LLC uses proven tools and techniques, based on HeartMath® and The Wellness Inventory, Coaching and various healing modalities to help you achieve this and more. Kimberly says she teaches what she needs to learn. Kimberly uses HeartMath®, a stress management system based on the science that uses biofeedback focusing on the heart. The math part is looking at the heart rate variability, “So when you are in that balanced state called the zone, you can see the heart rate variability and can teach your body how to get in the zone quickly,” Kimberly said.After suffering with broken bones and other injuries in a car accident in 1991, she began studying “mind-body medicine”.  Her doctors were pleased with how quickly she was healing and told her “Whatever you’re doing keep doing because it’s working.” At the time, Kimberly was in a corporate job. Later, she experienced adrenal fatigue, which Kimberly said is common in women. “Because they’re burning the candle at both ends.” After over 10 years in management in the corporate world and experiencing many imbalances due to stress, such as anxiety, headaches, adrenal fatigue, infertility, and insomnia, Kimberly started to research proven tools and techniques to help balance her system naturally. Through the use of HeartMath®, The Wellness Inventory® and Integrative Medicine Kimberly became healthy, energized, and balanced.Kimberly will assist you in feeling better, boost performance, find more work and life balance, expanded flexibility and resilience, enhance decision-making and creativity, refine communication skills, strengthen your personal and professional relationships and reverse the negative impacts of stress. Her passion is helping others to get more in touch with their purpose in life and to lead a healthy well-balanced fulfilled life.

Ask about a complementary Coaching Session to find out how Kimberly can help you create more health, happiness and fulfillment