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             Tuesday             4:45 PM – 5:45  PM           Living with Parkinson's                       

   Wednesday          9:00 AM – 10:00 AM           Gentle Yoga / Spine Health                                     


                          Thursday           6:00 PM - 7:00 PM             Restorative Yoga                                               


*small group classes available for folks living with Parkinson's (Contact Parkinson's Support Center Ky - 502.254.3388) or Fibromyalgia               

Price Schedule: Call Angie at (502) 321-0557 for information regarding class AND private session pricing.

Yoga Core - This class focuses on developing core strength and flexibility.  The core consists of the musculature on the trunk of the body, including the abdominals as well as the muscles surrounding the spine.  In this class, we time movement to breathing in a flowing series of asanas.  You will easily increase your core strength for maximum health and flexibility.  In yoga, a person is considered to be as young as his or her spine; the greater the flexibility and strength of the spine, the healthier the individual.  This class is ESSENTIAL for everyone, and open to all fitness levels.

Restorative – Restorative Yoga is a gentle form of yoga, which is used for restoring balance back into the body.  The body is supported in comfortable postures that provide low weight bearing in a prolonged stretch over several minutes.  Specific poses are chosen to passively stretch and lengthen various muscles and soft tissue.  Props such as blankets and bolsters can support the body into the postures for maximum benefit.

For the practitioner, the goal is to completely relax and release all muscular tension.  When deep relaxation of the body and mind are achieved, then restoration and healing can begin.

Gentle Yoga – This class is designed to utilize floor poses to stretch lower body, torso and upper body. Although there may be one or two standing poses in each class, most of the asana will be performed on the floor with multiple props available. We utilize breathing techniques in conjunction with the floor poses to slowly open and stretch through all major joints and muscle groups,  as well as some of the more subtle muscle groups, which are just as integral to our overall balance of the body/mind spirit connection.

Who can benefit: individuals with weight issues, arthritis, osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease, lung issues, diabetes, chronic pain, MS, scoliosis, just to name a few.

Spinal Health – The body is functionally designed for active movement and mobility.  As we grow and develop, we form patterns of movement which we use throughout our day.  Over time, these movement patterns become habitual.  However, some of these movement patterns may increase pressure on the spine causing discomfort and/or pain with movement.

This class will focus on spinal awareness and extension.  Coordinating the breath with each movement will be emphasized.  This allows for greater focus and attention to habitual patterns of movement.  Improving spinal health has many benefits including: relief from spinal compression, better posture, ease of movement, increased flexibility and less fatigue.

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